grown-ish Season 1 Finale Recap: Did Zoey Choose the Right Guy?

Wednesday’s Season 1 finale of Freeform’s grown-ish left viewers satisfied — but only if they agreed with Zoey’s big decision.

The penultimate episode of the pilot season left Zoey in a predicament: Did she want to be with Aaron, Luca or Cash? All professed their love to her in the same night, much to her surprise (and the audience’s enjoyment).

Like any reasonable person with a big decision to make, Zoey locked herself in her room to think in hopes that solitary confinement would lead her to an answer. But that didn’t stop each of her girlfriends from tracking her down later to talk about each boy and help her make her decision.

Ana had run into Aaron in the dining hall, who wanted to win Zoey over with tickets to Hamilton. Nomi stopped by Luca’s room and found him creating art using a belt Zoey made in a fashion class. Jazz and Sky talked to Cash in the gym, where he confessed that he would stay at Cal U instead of joining the NBA if it meant being with Zoey. All of them were very serious about winning her over.

Meanwhile, Cash joined Aaron and Luca’s marketing class and stirred the pot by asking them if Zoey had mentioned the two of them getting back together, sparking a huge argument.

After receiving no help from her girlfriends and their wildly differing opinions, Zoey decided that she needed to make this decision on her own.

She met up with Cash first to tell him that, as her first love, he will always be one of the most important people in her life. But he’s just not the one. Zoey then met with Aaron to tell him that “finding someone that challenges you is always something to hold onto.” But he’s not the one either.

So that left Luca as the winner of Zoey’s heart, a victory the pair sealed with a kiss.

Do you think Zoey chose the right guy? Let us know in the comments.

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