Shadowhunters Recap: So That's What the Seelie Queen Did to Simon's Face

Following the world’s most awkward double date (more on that later), Simon Lewis’ night went from bad to worse… to awesome?

The final moments of Tuesday’s Shadowhunters found a rowdy pack of wolves interrupting the vampire’s guitar practice for a quick game of Let’s-Murder-Simon, only to discover that someone (it was the Seelie Queen!) changed the rules without telling them. When one of the baddies got a little too close to Simon for comfort, the brand on his forehead reacted, protecting him with a powerful flash of light.

If Simon doesn’t eventually quote Rob Lowe from Lifetime’s Drew Peterson biopic, I’m going to be disappointed:

As for that double date I mentioned earlier, a combination of poor planning and cosmic humor resulted in Simon and Maia sharing a table with Jace and Clary. And because Jace is Jace, that meal ended with the revelation that he and Maia slept together — even though there were a million possible reasons for him knowing about her tattoo. (It’s a good thing Jace is pretty, because that brain of his…)

Fortunately, Jace rebounded at the end of the night when Clary asked why she seemed to be the only girl he didn’t want to be with. His answer was so good, I’m just going to let the words speak for themselves:

I’ve never felt about anyone the way I feel about you, Clary. … You’re special. Everything about you, like how you scrunch your face when you’re thinking. Like how you always double knot your shoes before you train. Like how you always gave a piece of charcoal in your pocket. But more than that, it’s how you always see the best in people, in me. And I’m scared that if we take things too quickly, you’re going to see something in me that you don’t like. I just don’t want to ruin this.

Clary appreciated Jace’s kind words, but I feel like better words would have been, “Because I keep murdering you in my dreams and you’re not safe around me!” You know, maybe give a girl a heads up.

Speaking of safety concerns, Lilith caused quite a stir in the Downworld this week, hijacking warlocks’ magic and inspiring them to turn on one another. Things got especially tense between Magnus and Lorenzo Rey, the new High Warlock of Brooklyn. He suspected Magnus of working with the demon, whom he believed to be Magnus’ father Asmodeus, “the most powerful prince of hell.” Whaaat!

#TeamMalec was eventually able to protect the Institute from being infected by Lilith’s darkness — no thanks to Sav from Degrassi, who nearly blew the whole operation! — yet they remain in the dark about who she really is. (I actually think it’s funny how it’s not Magnus’ dad, it’s Jonathan’s mother. Do any of these characters have non-evil, non-dead parents anymore?)

Also worth considering…

* When Simon said, “It’s only a matter of time before sleep with [Jace], I guess,” my immediate thought was, “Well, now this needs to happen.” Maybe in a dream sequence, like, three seasons from now? (Come on, True Blood gave it to us!)

* My other favorite Simon-Jace exchange was when Jace called for restaurant tips and Simon was like, “How did you get my number?” This episode was funny!

* I’m going to need someone to insist that I’m crazy for thinking there might be something more-than-friendly between Izzy and Luke on the horizon. I’ve been known to over-ship, so that’s entirely possible.

* I really hope the show revisits Magnus’ magical shampoo in a future episode. You know, this was just a great episode for him and Alec in general. All of their normal — excuse me, mundane — moments were fun and cute and I want more.

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