Fear the Walking Dead Season 4 Trailer Introduces the New Characters and Reveals How Morgan 'Sticks It' to Nick

fear the walking dead season 4 trailer video new characters morgan

“New people,” says Maggie Grace’s Althea in Fear the Walking Dead‘s Season 4 trailer (dropped during Sunday’s Talking Dead). “I like new people.” But the question is, will viewers?

The video below — released along with the season’s key art — provides your first hints about how you’ll answer, as it not only introduces Althea, but offers glimpses of Jenna Elfman’s Naomi (apparently a new pal of Alicia’s) and Garret Dillahunt’s John (whose cowboy attire makes him look as much like a member of the cast of Westworld as Fear TWD). In addition, the clip makes reference to the reasons that Lennie James’ Morgan winds up leaving The Walking Dead for its spinoff, and reveals why he’s not in the slightest bit worried about Frank Dillane’s mercurial Nick.

Press PLAY below to check out the trailer, then hit the comments. Will you be drawn in by the fresh blood on Fear TWD (which returns Sunday, April 15, immediately after TWD’s Season 8 finale)?

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