Will Smith and Fallon Team for History of TV Theme Songs Medley — Watch

This is a story all about how… Will Smith and Jimmy Fallon turned some classic TV theme songs upside down.

Smith joined the Tonight Show host on Thursday, and reminisced about the “lost art” of the opening title sequence and the accompanying earworms that are still remembered fondly to this day.

“Nobody does that anymore… when we were growing up, every show had a hot theme song, and I was a part of it,” Smith said, referring to The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. And that’s when Fallon surprised the audience by pulling out two microphones, and asking Smith to join him for a melodic stroll down memory lane.

What followed was a medley of unforgettable TV tunes — some of which (including The Love Boat and Cheers) were edited out of the version uploaded to the web. The complete setlist went as follows:

* The Golden Girls
* The Jeffersons
* Diff’rent Strokes
* The Love Boat
* Good Times
* The Andy Griffith Show
* I Dream of Jeannie
* Cheers
* Full House
* The Greatest American Hero
* Martin
* Three’s Company
* The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Hit PLAY on the video above to watch Smith and Fallon’s tuneful collaboration, then hit the comments tell us which TV theme songs you wish they would have included in the segment.