Is Riverdale Better Shorter? Did Rise Teach Get Worse? Was Legends' Canary Off? Is Xtina Drag Queen? And More Qs!

Riverdale Season 2

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Legends of Tomorrow, Rise, 9-1-1 and Riverdale!

1 | What does SNL musical guest Arcade Fire have against epileptics, with that strobe light-intensive first performance?

2 | InstinctAre we to assume the cell phones on Instinct carry an emoji for every single playing card? Or did Det. Needham just get lucky with the two of hearts?

3 | On Timeless, has anyone wondered: What was Rittenhouse’s plan if Lucy’s mom had been left dying of lung cancer, as she was in the pilot?

4 | Surely Madam Secretary‘s resident pop culture (and musicals) buff Blake wouldn’t say “viva la vida Boheme” instead of “viva la vie Boheme” when quoting Rent, right? (And yet he did!)

American Idol5 | If American Idol judge Katy Perry had no clue that Ryan, Luke and Lionel had something planned for her birthday, why did she walk in ready to take pictures?

6 | Didn’t you, like Lucifer‘s Dr. Linda, also assume that Amenadiel knew that Charlotte Richards was “alive”? Also: Where is this Chloe/Pierce “chemistry” that Ella is always fanning herself over…?!

7 | If The Good Doctor‘s Kenny had to “borrow” Shaun’s TV, why did he need to get cable installed a few weeks back?

8 | Was it odd how completely freaked out the Good Girls were when they removed the mystery victim’s pistol from his pants, considering the three of them had just robbed a grocery store with guns blazing?

9 | Legends of TomorrowLegends of Tomorrow‘s version of Black Canary had a bit too large of a mask, right?

10 | The week’s funnier quicksand scene: Scorpion or The Detour?

11 | Does Black Lightning‘s Anissa still startle you a bit each time she does that super-dramatic intake of breath before Thunder-ing out?

12 | We didn’t think it was possible, but do you like Josh Radnor’s Rise character even less after the second episode?

13 | Were you relieved to see The Middle‘s Glossner kids taken away in handcuffs and sent to juvie after nine seasons of heinous behavior?

14 | Was Riverdale‘s truly bizarre Andy Cohen cameo more or less awkward than the over-the-top Love, Simon movie placement from a couple weeks back? And are you starting to feel that the show would have benefited from a shorter run this year, on par with last season’s 13-episode order?

15 | Can any X-Files viewer explain the purpose of Mr. Y and Erica Price’s season-long storyline? We’ll wait….

16 | Does 9-1-1 really expect us to believe that all of those women fell for a catfishing scheme… on MySpace? In the year 2018?

17 | Was it a leap for SEAL Team to suggest that Ellis calling in a favor from a journo’s dad would clear them — nearly instantly! — to go after a hugely important CIA asset?

18 | Will The Big Bang Theory be able to resist staging a mini Stand by Me reunion between Jerry O’Connell and Wil Wheaton at Sheldon and Amy’s wedding?

Chicago Fire Recap19 | Is it refreshing or odd that Chicago Fire‘s Gabby isn’t trying to push her brother Antonio and her friend Sylvie to get serious?

20 | Wait, what’s the story behind how Gotham‘s Riddler tracked down Martin? He dressed as a Polish… what? And all because Zsasz “loves the disco”…?! Tell us the rest!

21 | Was Christina Aguilera — who played up her resemblance to Season 9 contestant Farrah Moan — the best celebrity guest in RuPaul’s Drag Race herstory?

22 | Does this mean Project Runway All Stars designer Ken agrees with us?!

Hit the comments with your answers – and any other Qs you care to share!