Once Upon a Time: 10 Questions We Now Have About the Series Finale

Once Upon Time Emma Pregnant

Now that the final glass slippers have dropped and we know who all will be back for Once Upon a Time‘s series finale, it’s time to ask the tough questions about the resulting ramifications of these many anticipated returns.

For example: Jennifer Morrison will put in another encore, but is it to A) play a still-pregnant Emma, B) actually birth her and Killian’s baby, or — given the unpredictable passage of time in different realms and what not — C) introduce grown Henry to a teenage sibling?

Also, Sean Maguire we now know will be back, but Robin Hood “prime” is quite dead, while his Wish Realm “other” is presumably engaged or wed to Regina’s “evil” half. So for what sort of closure can proper “Outlaw Queen” ‘shippers dare hope?

Click through the attached gallery of questions (plus one fishy diversion) to see what immediately popped to my mind, and then hit the Comments with any pressing queries of your own.

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