Life Sentence Stars Preview Stella's Connection With Riley Smith's Doc

Life Sentence Spoilers

Stella and Wes’ seemingly perfect marriage on Life Sentence is about to get a major interruption in the form of Riley Smith.

The Nashville and Frequency vet joins the CW dramedy this Wednesday (at 9/8c) as Dr. Will Grant, an oncologist who immediately clicks with Stella. Although she’s now happily married to Wes, “Stella never had the chance to date or have crushes or do any of that” as a cancer patient, star Lucy Hale noted during TVLine’s set visit. “So when she realizes she’s going to live, she starts recognizing people and things, and seeing them in a different way.”

Naturally, when Stella meets Dr. Grant while volunteering at the hospital, “she’s taken by him,” Hale continued. “There’s definitely a little spark of chemistry there.”

Having lost his brother to cancer, Dr. Grant easily “connects” with the brunette, Smith added. “He understands her unlike probably anybody else does that she’s met since she’s been in recovery. There’s a nice, deeper dimension to our relationship.”

But the doc isn’t out to ruin Stella’s marriage. “What I like about it is that Dr. Grant’s a nice guy,” Smith said. “He understands she’s married, and he’s not trying to come onto her or steal her away. It’s just real-life situations that do happen, and they’re tricky, they’re messy, and they’re trying to figure it out. He’s actively trying to keep his mind off her by seeing other people, and it’s not working for him, and she’s trying to not think about him, and it’s not working for her.”

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