American Crime Story: Versace Finale: Did the FX Drama Go Out With a Bang?

American Crime Story: Versace

Wednesday’s finale of American Crime Story: Versace brought to an end the horrific escapades of Andrew Cunanan and checked back in with the people whose lives were forever changed by his twisted actions.

The episode picked up exactly where the season premiere began, with a sunkissed Andrew strolling down the streets of Miami Beach, gun in hand, waiting for the perfect shot at Gianni Versace. And we all know how that went.

Judith Light’s Marilyn Miglin was the first familiar face to reappear; the FBI showed up at her Miami hotel room to inform her that it was no longer safe for her to be in Florida, offering to help transport her to safety. She declined, demanding that they escort her to her scheduled home-shopping broadcast, but not before dressing down the bumbling agents who failed to capture Andrew:

How many more are going to die? How much more pain do you think I can suffer? Two months. You had two months. You had his name, his photo. What did he have, the money he stole from Lee? What has he been doing for two months? What have YOU been doing? And where is he now, that man? I won’t say his name. Where is he now? … You want me to run? You want me to hide from him? You provide whatever security you think necessary. I have never missed a broadcast in my life.

But Marilyn wasn’t the only shadow from Andrew’s past to take aim at the authorities. Max Greenfield’s Ronnie was also interrogated, providing him the platform to question how seriously they’d been taking this case.

“Oh, you were looking for him, weren’t you, the only lez on the force,” he said. “But the other cops, they weren’t searching so hard, where they? Why is that, because he killed a bunch of nobody gays?”

Meanwhile, Andrew was holed up in some stranger’s houseboat literally eating dog food, practically daring the feds to bust him. (Apparently Ronnie was right when he said, “Andrew is not hiding. He’s trying to be seen.”) He spent most of his time watching reports about himself on the news, including uplifting messages from his friends (Lizzie!) and exploitative interviews with his father — the latter of which made Andrew so angry that he shot his television screen. (Well, the television screen of the man who owned he house in which he was squatting.)

Speaking of the homeowner, it was his return that triggered the beginning of the end for Andrew. Shortly after he reported a burglary, police helicopters were circling overhead and a hostage negotiator was attempting to talk Andrew out of the house. But Andrew wasn’t about to give in — not on someone else’s terms, at least. He placed a gun in his mouth and pulled the trigger before he could be apprehended.

Wednesday’s finale also took us inside Gianni’s funeral, during which Antonio discovered that he might as well have died along with his lover. Not only did the priest shun his greeting, but Donatella informed him that he wouldn’t be able to live on the property Gianni had promised him. As a member of the board that controlled the property, Donatella could have insisted that he live there — that is, if she had cared enough to do so.

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