The Good Doctor Sneak Peek: Shaun Plays Matchmaker for Dr. Glassman

Shaun hopes to make a love connection during Monday’s penultimate Season 1 episode of The Good Doctor (ABC, 10/9c).

TVLine has your exclusive first look at the uncomfortable encounter, as Shaun attempts to set up Dr. Glassman with cafeteria barista Debbi (played by Lost vet Sheila Kelley, aka Richard Schiff’s real-life significant other).

“Debbi, you flirted with Dr. Glassman,” Shaun says to the unsuspecting counter girl. “I have a new friend, and he needs one, too.” He then pushes the hospital head towards Debbi, touting that her facial proportions are “close to optimal… and you should find her attractive.” (#Smooth!) And if you thought that was awkward, just wait until he points out why the pair are most likely to develop a bond.

Elsewhere in the episode, Shaun speaks out when a teenage patient comes in for an elective procedure that would allow her to smile for the very first time. Claire and Reznick, meanwhile, discover that their patient has been lying about her identity.

Hit PLAY on the video above, then hit the comments to tell us if you’re feeling second-hand embarrassment for Glassman.

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