Harrowing Handmaid's Tale Photo: Alexis Bledel Banished to the Colonies

Wow, The Handmaid’s Tale‘s Emily has really jumped from the dystopian frying pan into the certain-to-kill-you-toxic fire, eh?

A first look photo, released Wednesday by Hulu, gives us a glimpse of Emmy winner Alexis Bledel in Season 2… and it’s a chilling visual of her character, the former Ofglen, working in the Colonies. You’ll recall that the radioactive prison land, which is where Gilead throws its malcontents and “deviants,” means an almost certain death from the side effects of radiation exposure. We’ve seen the area itself in a previously released picture, but the new photo shows Emily being forced to labor alongside others in the extremely harsh environment.

You’ll recall that Emily already had two Gilead strikes against her — before the war, she was a college professor and was married to another woman (who will be played by Clea DuVall this season) — and had undergone horrific mutilation as a result of her efforts to build an uprising among the handmaids. The last time we saw her, she was being hauled away after rebelliously driving a car into a group of Gilead law-enforcement officials.

Those who’ve read Margaret Atwood’s novel on which the Hulu series is based know: We never actually go to The Colonies in the book; the area only is referenced as a place where those deemed unfit to participate in Gilead’s society are sent to toil and die.

The Handmaid’s Tale will return for Season 2 with two new episodes on Wednesday, April 25. Latter installments will be released weekly.

Take a good look at the photo above, then hit the comments: What do you think might happen to Emily in this season of the chilling drama?

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