Scandal Recap: Flight Plan

Scandal Recap

A scare in the air led to a series of surprising (and not-so-surprising) revelations on Thursday’s Scandal.

When Air Force Two was remotely hijacked (with Cyrus and sweet baby David Rosen on board!), all signs pointed to Jake as the brains behind the operation. Not only was he seen skulking around Cyrus’ office when his assistant’s laptop went missing, but when Mellie pressed him on his involvement, his only defense was that he’d never go to such extremes when he could very easily kill Cyrus with a lethal injection. Hell, he even told her how he’d cover it up.

But Mellie wasn’t buying it. “Maybe you have a thing with planes,” she said, reminding Jake of that time he already killed someone by blowing up their aircraft. “Maybe it’s your fetish. Maybe you get off on it.” (This was actually my second favorite Mellie moment of the night, the first being when Fitz asked, “Do you want to know what I would do?” which she shot down with an assertive “No.” Very appropriate for #InternationalWomensDay.)

Of course, the whole ordeal wasn’t a total bust for Cyrus. When it became apparent that the military was going to shoot down their plane to avoid civilian casualties, he delivered a passionate — one might even say… presidential — speech about America and freedom and fear and a bunch of other stuff that we all know he doesn’t really believe. That much became clear when Olivia confronted him at the end of the episode, accusing him of “staging all of this” and making himself a “national hero.” And she was right.

In related news, I’m going to so mad if Cyrus survives the series finale.

Also worth discussing…

* What’s the only thing more tense than Olivia’s dinners with her father? Birthday get-togethers with her mother, apparently! Just when Liv thought they were finally starting to bond, Mama Pope showed — or rather reminded us of — her true colors. “I raised you to be better than this,” she told Liv. “Instead, you’re crying over the people who kicked you out of that White House. You went down and so will they. How about we stop celebrating these fake-ass birthdays and start celebrating that?”

* I’m sorry that it took near-death experience to help Abby realize just how much she loves David, but I’m glad it happened. I also loved his response to her asking if he was going to propose: “I know you, Abby. I’d only propose to you if I wanted to lose you.”

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