Hap and Leonard Season 3 Premiere Recap: Rough Road Trip — Grade It!

Sundance’s Hap and Leonard are back for another season of friendship, crime and… the Mambo?

The anthology series picked back up on Wednesday with this season drawing inspiration from the Two-Bear Mambo installment of Joe R. Lansdale’s book series.

The premiere began with Leonard Pine once again burning down the neighborhood crackhouse – on Christmas Eve of all days. The police deem it his “best one yet” as he puts his hands behind his back to be handcuffed.

When Hap and Leonard arrive at the police station, Detective Hanson approaches Hap with the task of finding Florida Grange, a lawyer and Hap’s love interest, who has gone missing. Hap agrees, but only if Leonard is released and can accompany him.

So off they go, to the small town of Grovetown, Ga. Along the ride, Hap and Leonard come across an African-American couple sitting outside their mobile home. Leonard tells them their destination and the couple is shocked. They instantly start questioning Leonard about why he, a black man, would be going to Grovetown. This comes as the guys’ second warning about the evil looming just down the road.

Once they arrive in Grovetown, the pair is spit at and their truck is vandalized. The men quickly accept it is not going to be an easy search in this small, Klu Klux Klan-friendly town.

After all, Detective Charlie Blank (Douglas M. Griffin) did warn them, “Grovetown and black folk don’t mix — and Leonard Pine does not play nice with others.”

What did you think about Hap and Leonard‘s return? Grade the season premiere and tell us more in the comments.