Legion Season 2 Trailer: David Faces Hard Choices, Hits the Dance Floor

If you were hoping Season 2 of FX’s trippy superhero drama Legion would be easier to comprehend… well, can we interest you in a dance number?

In the just-released trailer above for Season 2 (premiering Tuesday, April 3 at 10/9c), tortured mutant David Haller is back safe and sound after getting zapped by that orb in last season’s finale. But he’s returned to a different world: Ptonomy peppers him with questions (“What do you remember?” “What are you hiding?”), and his Summerland friends have now teamed up with former villains Division 3 to battle the real enemy — the Shadow King, played by new cast addition Navid Negahban (Homeland).

David doesn’t recall much about his time in the orb: “I remember trees… and dancing?!” (Cue an over-the-top dance battle between David, Oliver Bird and Lenny.) But there’s not much time: The Shadow King is infecting people with a strange teeth-chattering disease, and David is warned that “the end of everything” is approaching. Plus, his romance with Syd is in danger: “She lives in the future you’re going to destroy,” the Shadow King tells him, “and when you do, she will cease to exist.”

Even Syd seems to know things are grim: When David professes his love to her, she flatly replies, “Love isn’t going to save us.”

Press PLAY above for a sneak peek at Legion Season 2, then hit the comments with your first impressions.

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