Video: SNL's Unaired Star Wars Sketch Features Charles Barkley, J.J. Abrams

Saturday Night Live this weekend chose not to air the following Star Wars sketch, instead sending it to a galaxy far, far away known as YouTube.

The cut-for-time short begins with an introduction by J.J. Abrams, who is on hand to announce the franchise’s next standalone film The Mos Eisley Five: A Star Wars Story. We then cut to footage featuring host Charles Barkley and his ragtag crew (Mikey Day and Kate McKinnon), who attempt to strike a deal with Goba (Kenan Thompson) to free a captured rebel pilot (Pete Davidson). The mission goes south when Barkley’s character gets distracted by his inability to comprehend various, non-human languages, including Shyriiwook.

“Star Warriors” is the latest unaired sketch to make its way online. Previous gems have included a Hallmark Channel movie spoof starring James Franco, a climate change short mocking Vampire Diaries alum Ian Somerhalder, and a commercial for a line of “My Little Stepchildren” dolls featuring Natalie Portman.

Press PLAY on the video above, then let us know if you think this Star Wars sketch deserved to be cut for time.