Kathy Griffin Set for Real Time, Marking Her First Major TV Appearance Since Decapitated Trump Photo Controversy

Kathy Griffin has booked her first major TV appearance since being shunned by Hollywood for a controversial photograph depicting the fake, severed head of President Donald Trump.

The comedienne will stop by Real Time With Bill Maher next Friday, March 9 (HBO, 10/9c). The booking was confirmed during the end credits of Maher’s most recent broadcast:

Griffin, whose TV credits include My Life on the D-List and Fashion Police, made headlines last May when the aforementioned photo — which showed her holding a fake, bloodied, severed head meant to be Trump’s — went viral. After the controversy escalated, Griffin issued a public apology on Twitter, which read, “I am sorry. I went too far. I was wrong.” Within a matter of days, CNN terminated her contract, putting an end to her long-running New Year’s Eve co-hosting gig alongside Anderson Cooper, and Andy Cohen was named her successor.

Maher has been a vocal supporter of Griffin in the wake of her scandal. Shortly after she was fired by CNN, the Real Time host argued, “Kathy Griffin should not go away. You make a mistake, you don’t have to go away. Everyone makes mistakes.” With that being said, he agreed that the photo was in poor taste: “As much as I hate Trump… that’s wrong. You don’t do that to whoever the president is. But she was going for a laugh, and I understand that.”

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