Colbert Confronts Omarosa About Her Allegiance to Trump — Watch the Extremely Awkward Interview

Omarosa appeared on Wednesday’s edition of The Late Show, where she opened up to host Stephen Colbert about comments she made regarding President Donald Trump during her time on Celebrity Big Brother.

The reality-TV star, who went on to serve as an aide to the Trump administration, made headlines when she told fellow BB houseguest Ross Mathews that the country was “not going to be OK” under the leadership of her former Apprentice boss. Speaking to Colbert, she walked back that sentiment and instead applied it only to Trump’s immigration policy.

“That was part of a bigger discussion… about immigration and round-ups,” she said.  “Particularly, we were talking about a family — a man who had been in the country for 30 years and had been sent back — and Ross was expressing his concern about what was happening with immigration.”

Then, after insisting that she didn’t “want 15 seconds on a reality show to encapsulate such a serious topic,” Colbert asked her again, “Is everything going to be OK under Donald Trump,” to which she replied, “We’ll have to wait and see.”

The awkwardness continued when Colbert listed off a series of Trump’s biggest blunders and asked Omarosa to raise her hand if, looking back, she should have distanced herself from him after any one of the following: the Access Hollywood bus tape; his response to Charlottesville; defending accused pedophile Roy Moore; calling Mexicans rapists; fighting with a gold-star family; attacking John McCain for being a POW; picking a fight with John Lewis; throwing paper towels at hurricane victims in Puerto Rico; the Muslim ban; and attacking U.S. Judge Curiel for being Mexican. Rather than play by the rules, Omarosa waited until the very end, then responded, “Awful, awful, unacceptable, unacceptable, awful, awful, awful, awful, unacceptable, unequivocally unacceptable, awful.”

Watch the full, 19-minute cut of the interview above (or watch the condensed version here), then hit the comments with your thoughts.