The Flash Recap: Ah, Fiddlesticks!

Flash Recap Season 4

This week on The CW’s The Flash, the team tracked down one of the four remaining bus metas, for better or for worse.

Knowing that there are four bus metas still unaccounted for — and now aware of what DeVoe does to his creations upon corralling them — Team Flash sets out to locate the next one. And thanks to Ralph’s idea to rummage through Bus 405’s Lost & Found box, they succeed.

After Cisco vibes a found music demo, Barry (on forced leave from CCPD) and Ralph go meet Izzy Bowen, an up-and-coming fiddler. As their civilian selves, they try to warn the young woman about the “very smart and very dangerous” person who means the meta harm, but this gal has grit, and she’s fixin’ to fight her own fights if need be. The fellas attempt to force the issue, only to get walloped by a soundwave unleashed by the meta, who then slips away.

Eventually getting the idea to check Izzy’s website for her whereabouts, the team tracks her down again, but this time DeVoe (in the form of pint-sized Becky Sharpe) intervenes. DeVoe threatens to use all six of her powers against Flash, Vibe and Elongated Man, but the baddie gets blown away by Izzy’s power. Already weakened by his current host’s body, DeVoe is whisked away to safety by Marlize. Afterward, DeVoe lashes out at Marlize for assorted perceived shortcomings, which leads his wife to wonder aloud if his cognitive abilities have been impaired. But when DeVoe takes offense to that notion, Marlize halfheartedly apologizes.

Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Team Flash tries to convince Izzy to lay low and possibly even train with them, but she says she is on the verge of her “big break” and can do no such thing. But the gesture of everyone unmasking themselves, combined with a smitten Ralph’s “Hey, look…” hallway pep talk, gets her to come around and train for hours using a specialized fiddle.

All the while, in what portended to be a B-story with a capital Zzzz, Harry was helping Cecile battle her propensity to read Joe’s thoughts even as he slept — thus keeping her awake — when he realized that the device he created could be reversed and thus used against DeVoe. When Harry presents his “cerebral inhibitor” to the team, Barry and Iris recognize the gizmo’s name as being what Savitar said they would one day use against DeVoe!

Realizing that Izzy is alone in the warehouse district picking a fight with DeVoe, Barry and Ralph race to the scene, though the former gets KO’d pretty quickly by an aneurysm. Ralph then goes to slap the cerebral inhibitor on DeVoe, only to get it smacked out of his hand. DeVoe is then surprised when Izzy manages to affix the device to The Thinker’s forehead — though, as Kilg%re, he is able to short it out ASAP. (As Cisco later notes, Savitar said they would use it, not that it would work.)  After absorbing Izzy’s mind, DeVoe assumes the fiddler’s form, then vanishes off to… hmm, where does he go?

As the team reassembles at S.T.A.R. labs, Cisco and Caitlin speculate that DeVoe’s secret lair is located inside a “pocket dimension.” Meanwhile at said hideout, DeVoe fiddles a bit before resuming with Marlize the search for the last three bus metas. That night, Barry finds Ralph drunk at his office, despondent over losing Izzy. Ralph hands Barry his own “private investigator” business card — so that he “doesn’t get all stammer-y” out in the field in a non-CCPD capacity — before asserting his intent to make DeVoe pay for what he did to Izzy.

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