Scorpion Sneak Peek: Can Paige Help a 'Dopey' Walter Save Toby's Life?

This week on CBS’ Scorpion, the team’s smarties turn a bit dumb, putting Paige in an especially unique position to save the day.

In the fantastically titled episode “Dumbster Fire” (airing tonight at 10/9c), Walter, Toby, Happy and Sylvester are deep underground on assignment — to prevent no less that the creation of a black hole — when their time spent subject to increased air pressure impairs their mental faculties.

In the sneak peak above, for example, a simple homonym sends Sylvester off an a musical tangent, as the team races to resuscitate an unconscious Toby by vacuum-sealing his head. (It’s a long story.) Can Paige, running comms from topside, get the team back on track? That is, when she isn’t being moved by “dopey” Walter’s enhanced EQ? Press play above to watch the ex-waitress work her science-simplifying magic.

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