iZombie Sneak Peek: Blaine Plays Informant, Delivers Bad News to Chase

If you were hoping for David Anders and Jason Dohring to share more scenes on iZombie, TVLine has an exclusive sneak peek that you’re going to love.

In the above scene from Monday’s Season 4 premiere (The CW, 9/8c), Anders’ baddie Blaine plays informant to Chase Graves (Dohring), revealing that there’s a leak in Fillmore-Graves’ food chain and that two of its officers have a gambling debt. Plus, digging equipment has become hard to come by. (Hmmm…) After taking in the concerning intel, Chase agrees to let Blaine stay open for another week.

“Since New Seattle has been walled off, Fillmore-Graves kind of runs the show, and [Blaine is] kind of the king of the underworld,” Anders shared during TVLine’s set visit. But the Shady Plots and Scratching Post proprietor-turned-Romero’s restaurant owner “still has to answer to Chase Graves,” and as you can probably imagine, Blaine isn’t thrilled about the situation.

“Blaine DeBeers does not want to answer to anyone,” Anders continued. “That’s what we explore in the front part of the season is that relationship between Blaine and Chase, and jockeying for position.”

Press PLAY to watch the preview, then hit the comments with your thoughts on the Blaine vs. Chase rivalry.

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