Once Upon a Time Quiz: How Well Do You Remember the Very First Episode?

Once Upon Time Quiz

Now that ABC’s Once Upon a Time is officially marching toward its very final episodes, what better time to look way, way back to when it all began?

Any fan worth their salt remembers the general plot of the fantastical series’ pilot, in which a wee lad named Henry tracked down and told his birth mother, Emma Swan, that he hailed from a Maine burg populated by amnesic fairy tale characters. Along the way, it is revealed that Emma is no less than the daughter of Prince Charming and Snow White (though it will take many more episodes for her to accept her far-out lineage!).

The quiz below, however, will test your recall of some finer points from the pilot — from street addresses and license plates to the first words uttered by major characters. Feel up to diving in without a recent-ish rewatch? Lob a dash of fairy dust at your keyboard and get to guessing: