Kimmel Slams Donald Trump Jr., Conspiracy Theorists for Attacking Teenage Shooting Survivors — Watch

Jimmy Kimmel is calling out right-wing conspiracy theorists — as well as President Donald Trump’s “least favorite son” — for perpetuating actual fake news in the wake of last week’s horrific school shooting in Parkland, Fla.

“There are always crackpots in situations like this who come out of the woodwork with [this] irrational, paranoia-filled nonsense. It happened after Sandy Hook, too,” Kimmel said during Wednesday’s monologue. “The right-wing thrives on conspiracy theories: Global warming is a conspiracy, the Russia investigation is a conspiracy, Obama’s birth certificate was a conspiracy, and those are just the big ones. There are hundreds of others,” including “Pizzagate, Scalia’s murder [and] the three million illegal votes.”

It was then that he singled out Donald Trump Jr., who is among those “liking” posts on social media that suggest that David Hogg, one of the students who survived the massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, is actually a “crisis actor” planted by the FBI.

“In this case, we have known people like Donald Trump Jr. — the president’s least favorite son — perpetuating this kind of stuff,” he said. “This is our president’s son doing that — liking a story that directly defames a student that survived a shooting.”

He then turned his attention to NRA board member/”pair of camouflage cargo shorts that came to life” Ted Nugent, who shared a link on Facebook that also insinuated that Hogg is part of some grand conspiracy.

“The kid who just watched his friends die is a puppet to Ted, and it’s a puppet show. Is that OK? Should the person who actively spreads this garbage around be a member of your board if you are a reputable organization?” Kimmel asked. “I don’t think so, but I want you to consider this, especially if you are a Trump supporter or a member of the NRA: Do you really think these kids — these teenagers who spoke out after a shooting at their school — are actors who are part of some sort of deep state, left-wing conspiracy? If the answer is ‘Yes, I do believe that,’ I have some bad news for you: You’re crazy. You’re a crazy person. Your brain is not functioning, and I’m worried about you.”

Press PLAY on the video above to watch Kimmel’s latest monologue.

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