UPDATED Cancellation Jitters: Which Shows Are Still in Danger?

Cancellation Show List

In just two months, our 11 Shows in Danger gallery has experienced numerous fluctuations — and some of the shifts have been seismic. Two of the series have been officially cancelled, while another three have seen their renewal prospects fade (you can blame the latter on a certain network’s acquisition of Thursday Night Football.)

The news isn’t all grim, however. A recent shocking development at the CW has turned the fading fortunes of two beloved bubble dramedies around. The remaining four shows, meanwhile, continue to straddle the proverbial fence.

Activate the gallery module to the right, carefully scroll through each slide and click on the “UPDATE” links for insight into that show’s changing status. Then hit the comments with an answer to this question: Which of the still-on-the-bubble shows are you most worried about? Oh, and for a more comprehensive list of where your favorite broadcast shows stand, head over to our 2018 Renewal Scorecard.