This Is Us: 10 Times We Fell in Love With Randall and Beth All Over Again

This Is Us Randall Beth Photos Best Moments

The image below is us, any and every time This Is Us‘ Randall and Beth are together on our TV screens:


Because, goodness gracious, have you seen the two of them in action?

The NBC drama certainly isn’t hurting for lovable couples. Jack and Rebecca somehow strike a perfect balance of ’80s-station-wagon-parents and married-couple-heat, a combination that lingers through two decades of flashbacks. Kate and Toby’s romance speaks to never giving up on the dream of finding someone who’ll understand you, inside and out. Heck, we’re even willing to put Miguel and Rebecca in this mix, after that impressively impassioned warning he gave to Kevin a few episodes back.

But every time we think we’ve acclimated to how well the Pearson clan (well, most of it — sorry, Kev!) does couplehood, along come Susan Kelechi Watson’s Beth and Sterling K. Brown’s Randall to re-set the soulmate standard.

And because we won’t get another new episode until Tuesday (NBC, 9/8c), we thought you might like to join us as we revisit a few of Tess and Annie’s folks’ finest moments. Click on the gallery at right — or go to it directly here — for our favorite Beth/Randall exchanges, then hit the comments with your favorites!

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