Stranger Things: 7 Things We Want — No, Make That Need — From Season 3

stranger things season 3 wishes joyce hopper romance

Production on Season 3 of Stranger Things isn’t even slated to begin until mid-April, but already, we have some thoughts about what we hope the next chapters of the Duffer Brothers’ supernatural-tinged Netflix hit will include.

Sorry, did we say “hope”? We meant “need.” For instance, there’s a certain made-for-each-other couple that’s past due to actually get together. There’s a new scene stealer we’re going to want to see a lot more of in Season 3. And there’s a big question that isn’t so much asking to be answered as insisting on it.

Scroll through the gallery to the right — or click here for direct access — to review our seven fondest wishes demands for Season 3. Then hit the comments with your hopes/wants/needs.

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