Mary J. Blige to Play Sadistic Hitwoman in Netflix's Umbrella Academy Series

The Umbrella Academy Cast

For someone who claims to not want any more drama in her life, Mary J. Blige‘s new role sounds awfully dramatic.

The Oscar nominee is joining the cast of Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy, an adaptation of Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá’s series of graphic novels about the “estranged members of a dysfunctional family of superheroes.” The super-powered siblings must come together to solve their father’s murder, all the while “coming apart at the seams due to their divergent personalities and abilities.” (You know, normal family stuff.)

Blige is filling the series-regular role of Cha-Cha, a “ruthless and unorthodox hitwoman who travels through time to kill assigned targets.” Known far and wide for her sadistic, sociopathic tendencies, Cha-Cha believes only in torture and pain — and cares only for her partner Hazel.

Blige’s prior television credits include ABC’s How to Get Away With Murder and black-ish, Fox’s Empire and NBC’s The Wiz Live!

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