The Americans Video: Will the Jennings Family Survive a Bloody Final Season?

The Soviet empire is crumbling in The Americans‘ final season… and the Jennings family might be, too.

FX has released the first footage from the Cold War spy drama’s upcoming sixth and final season (premiering Wednesday, March 28) in a pair of tantalizing promos — and after a three-year time jump to 1987, it looks like Philip and Elizabeth’s life as married Russian spies could be coming to an abrupt, and bloody, end. In the first promo, embedded above, Philip (in yet another wig) meets with KGB operative Oleg, FBI agent Stan surveys a gruesome crime scene and a blood-spattered Elizabeth cleans up after a lethal encounter. Plus, Elizabeth strangles some hapless guy… and is forced to her knees by a gunman in the woods.

Throughout the promo, Elizabeth is reassuring someone, “There’s nothing to worry about… You kept your cover. You handled it well.” At the end, we see she’s talking to… her daughter Paige! (She’s in her own disguise, and clearly a part of Mom and Dad’s spy games by now.)

The second promo, released on Friday, casts serious doubt on the state of Philip and Elizabeth’s marriage. As we hear Oleg saying, “We want you to find out what your wife is doing, and tell us,” Philip watches a harried Elizabeth come home after a long day of spying. As the two exchange a tense smile, Oleg adds an ominous note: “And, if necessary? Stop her.”

Press PLAY on the videos above for a sneak peek at The Americans‘ final season, comrades, then hit the comments with your Season 6 predictions.