The Royals Season 4 Trailer: Will King Robert's Reign End With a Bang?

“S–t gets regal” when The Royals returns to E! next month, and TVLine has an exclusive first look at the (fatal?) fourth season.

As you’ll see in the new trailer, King Robert’s rule is off to a jolly good start, with everyone — from Jasper to Cyrus and beyond — living in constant fear of the “tyrant in the making.” But which of Robert’s enemies will be daring enough to take him down? (Not that we condone murder, of course.)

In fact, the only member of the Henstridge family not losing their cool over Robert’s reign of terror is Eleanor, who arrives armed with jokes — and finger pistols, apparently.

The fourth season of The Royals premieres Sunday, March 11 at 10/9c. Hit PLAY on the trailer above, then drop a comment with your hopes for Season 4 below.

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