Puppy Bowl 2018 Photos: Meet the Big Game's Adoptable Starting Lineup

Puppy Bowl 2018

Sorry, Tom Brady, but you’re not even close to the cutest player hitting the field on Super Bowl Sunday.

Animal Planet is hosting its 14th annual Puppy Bowl — officially known as “the world’s cutest sporting event” — at 3/2c, with 39 shelter puppies going paw-to-paw in a two-hour display of raw, unbridled athleticism. (Also, one of them is named Kelly Barkson. Like, what in the world.)

At the risk of objectifying professional athletes, some of these rascals are so cute, you’ll just want to eat them up — and it doesn’t help that one of them is literally named Blueberry Pie.

Browse our gallery for photos of the entire starting line up — you can click here for direct access — then drop a comment with your favorite players below.

(Existential question: Since I began this post with “Sorry, Tom Brady,” does that mean I’ve been speaking directly to the football/hair icon this whole time?)

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