This Is Us Super Bowl Episode Photos: It's OK to Look — Jack's Not in Here

This Is Us Photos Super Bowl Episode Season 2

The following photos from This Is Us‘  post-Super Bowl episode have been rated SFTSCAJDFTSC-P: Safe For Those Still Crying About Jack’s Death From That Stupid Crock-Pot.

Indeed, there are no shots of Jack — alive or otherwise — in these newly released images from the Feb. 4 hour. And that’s because there are no visuals at all here from the show’s past-set storyline, which will chronicle the last hours of the Pearson patriarch in the upcoming episode.

Tuesday’s installment of the popular drama finally offered fans some of the answers they’d sought: The fire that burned down Jack and Rebecca’s home was started by a faulty slow cooker and exacerbated by a smoke detector whose battery hadn’t been replaced. As the episode ended, flames began to consume the structure, creeping upstairs to where most of the family members were sleeping. A promo released after the episode (see below) previewed a lot of heartache as the series moves forward

But there’s no evidence of any of that in these pictures. In other words: It’s OK to look, Jack fans.

Instead, we get a glimpse at what the The Big Three as adults are doing on the day of this year’s big game. The most football-focused photos show Randall and Beth hosting what looks like a viewing party. Kevin, meanwhile, appears to be going it solo — and trying his hand at meditation? — at his mom’s place. And Kate and Toby run through the entire spectrum of human emotions while hanging out together (oh, and Audio seems to have settled in nicely at their apartment).

Click through the gallery above — or go here to view it directly —  for a peek at the hour, then hit the comments with your predictions about how everything will play out. 

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