Price Is Right: Watch Drew Carey Get Tackled By Overzealous Contestant

Drew Carey probably didn’t expect to be swept off his feet by Price Is Right contestant Sona.

During Wednesday’s episode, the overly enthusiastic participant was one of four lucky members from the studio audience told to “come on down” to Contestants’ Row. After bidding within $40 of the actual retail price, she was called up to the stage for her chance to play Pass the Buck — and that’s when it happened.

Sona ran up to greet Carey, but wasn’t satisfied with any ordinary hug. Instead, she jumped up to wrap her legs around the host, who wasn’t prepared for it, like, at all. As a result, Carey lost his balance and they both went tumbling down.

Carey came thisclose to falling off the stage entirely, but was saved by a lighting fixture. After he and Sona returned to their feet, announcer George Gray issued a playful warning: “Sona, do not break our host or our set.”

Press PLAY on the video above to witness the epic fail.

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