The Gifted: Skyler Samuels Eyed for Series Regular Promotion for Season 2

Skyler Samuels Gifted Regular

It appears things will stay frosty as Fox’s The Gifted heads into Season 2.

Skyler Samuels, who in November made her debut as telepathic mutant Esme Frost — and now is also playing her sisters Phoebe and Sophie — is being eyed for a promotion to series regular status for the Marvel series’ recently ordered sophomore run. (Note: A previous version of this story said it was a done deal, but apparently it isn’t quite.)

“Yeah, you’ll be seeing lots more of me and my sisters next season!” the Scream Queens alum told TVLine at the TCA winter press tour.

In a Thursday interview with TVLine, The Gifted showrunner Matt Nix touted the choreography that goes into the trio’s scenes, in which Samuels acts opposite two stand-ins.

“They work out everything, and the other actresses are giving real performances within a scene,” he said. “If Skyler shoots a look to her sister, she’s shooting a look to a person who’s acting and interacting. And they study each others’ mannerisms so if one actress raises her hand at a moment, Skyler will reproduce that action so you get a much more seamless performance — and one that doesn’t just look like they split [the video three ways].”

The Gifted wraps its freshman run on Monday at 8/7c, with a two-hour finale. Stay tuned to TVLine for preview from Amy Acker as well as Samuels.

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