The Haves and the Have Nots' Veronica: 10 Times She Marked Herself for Murder

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She had it comin’. Assuming that merciless megabitch Veronica Harrington still has a pulse when Season 5 of OWN’s The Haves and the Have Nots kicks off (Tuesday, 9/8c), she’s sure to act as if she’s stunned, positively stunned, that an attempt was made on her life in the Season 4 finale. But to reiterate: She had it comin’ — and how!

Thus far in the series’ run, Veronica has played so dirtily and behaved so abhorrently that she makes the Wicked Witch of the West seem like a fairy godmother by comparison. In fact, she’s so unrepentantly despicable that it’s a wonder she’s only been stabbed in the breast implant once! (And that was by her own son, Jeffrey!)

Think we’re exaggerating about just how vile the villainess is? Click on the gallery above and see if you don’t recoil in horror as we count down the 10 most appalling times that her viciousness painted a target on her back!

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