Golden Globes: The Mrs. Maisel Team Reacts to Winning an Award for Once

Golden Globes The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Amy Sherman Palladino Daniel Palladino

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel won a pair of Golden Globes in its very first try… but for the show’s creators, those wins have been a very long time coming.

Amazon’s vintage comedy took home two Globes on Sunday — best comedy series and best actress for Rachel Broshnahan — for its freshman season, but creators Amy Sherman-Palladino and Daniel Palladino are more used to being left at home on awards-show night, with Gilmore Girls consistently getting snubbed by the Emmys. (Lauren Graham did score a lone Globes nomination in 2002, but didn’t win.) So how did it feel to actually take home a trophy for once?

“Unique. Extremely unique,” Daniel laughed backstage in the Globes press room. Amy, on the other hand, found the experience “quite harrowing… I was staring at Barbra Streisand!”

But on a practical level, Amy says that winning a big award like this helps keep her shows on the air: “It makes the people who invest in your show feel like their money is well-spent.” (Maisel is already renewed for a second season at Amazon.) She was also surprised at how quickly Maisel found an audience: “With Gilmore, it took sort of a long time, and this sort of shot out of a cannon — fast and quick.”

Plus, with the #MeToo movement circulating when Maisel premiered in November, Amy thinks the show managed to debut at the perfect time: “The whole idea of a truly confident female taking charge of her life when the male in her life walked out on her and left… it took on a new meaning. Because she did it without tears. She just sort of burned the barn down and walked out.”