One Day at a Time Season 2 Trailer: The Family Meets Penelope's New Man

One Day at a Time divorcee Penelope is moving on in a big way in the first trailer for Season 2 of Netflix’s family comedy.

Not only is Justina Machado’s Army vet dating, she even introduces her brood to her new man — or “stallion,” as her mother Lydia (EGOT legend Rita Moreno) describes Ed Quinn’s EMT.

Meanwhile, Penelope’s daughter Elena, who recently came out, appears to be getting close with another girl. As for Alex, Penelope is already worried about her young son’s hypothetical future wife, who will have “spray-tanned legs and fake boobs! I know his type!” she exclaims.

Penelope also delivers the trailer’s best zinger with her response to Elena’s naive belief that if she does what she loves, then the money will follow. Press PLAY above to watch the LOL-worthy comeback, then hit the comments with your hopes for Season 2, debuting Friday, Jan. 26 on Netflix.

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