Year in Review

TV Dictionary 2017: 37 Slangtastic New Terms From Grey's, This Is Us and More

tv dictionary 2017 greys anatomy this is us riverdale

Pop quiz: What do This Is Us, The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, Superior Donuts and The Real Housewives of New York City all have in common?

A whole lotta nothing, right? Except that each series coined a slangtastic new term that’s included in the 2017 TV Dictionary, TVLine’s rundown of the quirktacular words and phrases that the small screen added to our vocabularies over the last 12 months. Among this year’s collection are such freshpressions as bangaversary (courtesy of Jane the Virgin), friendervention (Riverdale), f—k fog (Veep), hotation (Insecure) and bus face (Superior Donuts).

So, if the holiday season hasn’t already left you completely gorked (thanks, Grey’s Anatomy), kick off your house heels (Modern Family), settle into pajama-party position (a la Will & Grace) and get schooled by clicking on the gallery above. Then hit the comments with any additional turns of phrase your favorite shows tossed out.