New Girl: Are Nick and Jess Headed for a Series-Ending Wedding?

New Girl Renewed

Unless you’re taking a social media sabbatical as 2017 winds down, you probably know that New Girl just wrapped production on its seventh and final season. And if you happened upon Jake Johnson’s recent Instagram post featuring a suit and tie-wearing Nick and white dress-adorned Jess, you’re probably thinking the eight-episode swan song will culminate in a much-anticipated wedding. Well… there’s a good chance you’re absolutely right.

As Zooey Deschanel teased to TVLine back in October, when Season 7 begins (following a four-year time jump), Nick and Jess will be struggling “with the decision to get married or not get married… Jess wants him to propose, and then she decides she’s happy with the way it is. So, we’ll see.”

One possible complication for the happy couple: In Episode 2, Jess — who is now an ex-teacher — accepts a job working for her former love Russell (again played by Dermot Mulroney). “She’s running his nonprofit,” Deschanel revealed, before noting that Nick “doesn’t have a problem” — at least not initially — with her new professional situation.

Wedding or no wedding, Deschanel admitted that she would likely be a basket case while shooting the final episode. “This has been seven years of my life,” she acknowledged. “It’s longer than any job I’ve had. It’s a really long time to be with a group of people, so I’ll definitely be very sad.”

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