SNL: TVLine Readers Rank Season 43's Episodes, From Kevin Hart to Gal Gadot

Nearly every week from late September through mid-May, we here at TVLine highlight the best and worst of what Saturday Night Live has to offer, before turning it over to you, our loyal readers, to grade each episode.

And with SNL taking the next three weekends off before returning with host Sam Rockwell on Jan. 13, we’ve decided to revisit how each of the previous Season 43 episodes have fared, based on the average grade that you gave them.

Just how high does Ryan Gosling rate after single-handedly saving jazz? Does Tiffany Haddish’s hosting stint come in lower than you’d expect? And what about Gal Gadot after her Wonder-ful kiss with Kate McKinnon?

Peruse the attached gallery above (or click here for direct access) to see how TVLiners ultimately ranked each SNL Season 43 episode from worst to best, then tell us if you’re surprised by any of the results. (And yes, we will update the rankings again before season’s end, so check back soon.)