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91 Shows That Ended in 2017: Which Will You Miss the Most?

Cancelled TV Shows 2017

Happy Friday! Who’s ready to reopen some old wounds?

As TVLine continues reflecting on the year that was, it’s time to acknowledge those we lost in 2017. (No, we’re not talking about the actual people who passed away. We did that already.)

We’re talking about the shows — from teen fare like Pretty Little LiarsThe Vampire Diaries and Teen Wolf to beloved adult dramas like The LeftoversBones and Bates Motel — to which we reluctantly bade farewell during the past 365 days.

And because this year’s list tops out at a whopping 91 shows — and counting, in case we missed any —  it’s quite possible that there’s an entire handful you’ve never even heard of. Isn’t that always a treat?

(Keep in mind: This gallery is only for shows that ended in 2017. If a show was cancelled but still has episodes left to air — like Sense8, which was granted a wrap-up special following its cancellation — you’ll have to wait until next year’s gallery. Similarly, you won’t find shows like Pitch, which was formally cancelled in 2017 after airing its final episode in 2016.)

Browse our gallery of the 90+ shows that ended this year — you can click here for direct access — then drop a comment with your thoughts: Which show(s) will you miss the most?