2017 in Review: 13 Dumb Things TV Did

Worst TV Decisions 2017

Oh, television, you really did it this year.

From award show gaffes (how are you enjoying that Best Picture Oscar, La La Land?) to questionable programming decisions (seriously, did anyone ask for that musical Dirty Dancing remake?), the time has come to take the TV industry to task for 13 of the wonkiest choices it made in the past 365 days.

We are not talking here about individual cancellations; that’s low-hanging fruit, well-discussed in dozens of other places on this site. We’re instead peeking behind the scenes, asking questions like, “Why did anyone think an Arnold Schwarzenegger-fronted Celebrity Apprentice would succeed?” and “Did we really watch an hour-long Facebook Live video of ice melting just to learn the Game of Thrones season premiere date?”

Browse our gallery of the year’s biggest TV missteps — you can click here for direct access — then drop a comment with the moments that would top your list.