Grace and Frankie Season 4 Trailer Welcomes Lisa Kudrow to the Party

No relationship — or vibrator, for that matter — is safe when Grace and Frankie returns for Season 4.

Netflix on Wednesday dropped the official trailer for the comedy’s next batch of episodes (streaming Jan. 19), which finds everyone in the titular duo’s orbit at a crossroad. Among the myriad questions posited by the two-minute sneak peek:

* Does Frankie feel threatened by Grace’s (apparent) longtime friendship with her manicurist Sheree (played by Lisa Kudrow)?

* Might Sol and Robert consider an open marriage — one that includes the likes of Mark Deklin’s Roy! — in order to save their relationship?

* Will Grace find love with a handsome, slightly younger gentleman boasting stunning eyebrows (played by Peter Gallagher)?

And those are just the biggies. But don’t worry, there are still plenty of the usual shenanigans — giant vibrators, falling bathtubs, jokes about bone damage, etc. — to be had.

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