SNL's Trump Celebrates Christmas With ScarJo's Ivanka and... Omarosa?

Since Saturday Night Live already spoofed A Christmas Carol a couple weeks back, what would they do with Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump during the actual Christmas show?

Saturday’s cold open began with a special holiday message from the president and First Lady Melania Trump, during which he declared the War on Christmas is over… soon to be replaced by the war with North Korea. He was then joined by a bevy of special guests — including Scarlett Johansson’s Ivanka and “Elf on the Shelf” Jeff Sessions — to decorate the “tree of shame” with Sean Spicer, Anthony Scaramucci and Steve Bannon ornaments.

The festivities were twice interrupted by the recently ousted Omarosa Manigault Newman (Leslie Jones), who attempted to serenade Trump from outside his window by holding up a boombox and playing the theme song to The Apprentice. (She appeared once more during Weekend Update, which you can see by clicking here.)

What did you think of the SNL‘s final Trump-centric cold open of the year? Watch video below.