Blindspot Video: Reade and Zapata Get Really Close on an Undercover Op

If you’re of the opinion that Blindspot‘s Reade and Zapata are meant to be together, you’re going to like our exclusive sneak peek at the drama’s upcoming episode.

In tonight’s installment (NBC, 8/7c), the task force is determined to unearth FBI Director Hirst’s shady secrets, leading to an undercover operation at a medical center that pairs up Reade and Zapata.

As evidenced by the two-minute clip above, their stint in the building’s server room is brief but eventful. After Zapata grills Reade once more about why he met with Jonathan West — a question that earns her an unsatisfying answer — the two of them are forced into very close quarters while trying to avoid being seen by a security guard.

Scroll up to watch the full sneak peek of tonight’s episode, then hit the comments and tell us: Are you rooting for a Reade/Zapata romance?