Year in Review

2017 in Review: Best Couples, Worst Sex, Stellar Weddings, Senseless Deaths, Best Binges and More

2017 TV Best Worst Moments

Auld acquaintances may be forgot, but TVLine’s memory for the best and worst in 2017 TV is really, really long. And after bringing you the first installment of our Best/Worst/Most round-up gallery, now we’re here with even more delicious TV morsels from the year on the small screen.

This round of picks includes — among many other categories — the couples we loved (and hated… and projected our deepest desires onto), the girls and guys we wanted to hang out with, the displays of skin that made us shiver (in a good way), the characters that made us want to tear our hair out and the weddings that made us weep.

Browse the second half of our Best/Worst/Most round-up gallery — click here for direct access — then make sure to hit the comments with your thoughts on the most memorable moments from the past 12 months in TV!