Shadowhunters Stages Showdown With Hamilton Star — 2018 FIRST LOOK

Shadowhunters Season 3 Spoilers

When Shadowhunters returns in 2018, Magnus is going wand-to-wand with a Founding Father.

TVLine has an exclusive first look at the High Warlock’s new rival Lorenzo Rey, played by Javier Muñoz, star of the Broadway musical Hamilton.

Though if we’re being honest, the spellcasters look awfully chummy for a pair of supposed “enemies.” (And let’s be honest, this wouldn’t be the first time someone has attempted to come between Magnus and Alec.)

Check out a second shot of Magnus and Lorenzo below:

And because we’re feeling extra generous — come on, it’s the holidays! — here’s a bonus first look at some Jace/Clary drama coming up in the new year:

returns for its third season on Tuesday, March 20 at 8/7c (new premiere date!). What are you hoping to see? Drop your wishes in a comment below.