Fuller House Season 3B Trailer: D.J. Takes the Plunge, But Is It With Steve?

Wanna know how much insanity is packed into this recently released trailer for the second half of Fuller House‘s third season? A real-life crocodile makes itself at home in the clip… and that’s still not the part that’s got us talking.

We’re far more interested in the family’s time in Tokyo for Steve’s wedding, particularly how the groom-to-be will react now that he knows that D.J. loves him… and what that may or may not have to do with a) Matt possibly proposing while they’re abroad, and b) Deej taking a spill off a giant waterfall as Steve looks on in horror.

“What if D.J. really was going to pick me?” Steve laments via voiceover. “This could be our wedding.”

When the Netflix comedy returns on Friday, Dec. 22, will Steve’s nuptials and/or Matt’s proposal go through as planned? How many cat cafés will the family visit while abroad? And seriously, what’s the deal with that crocodile?

Press PLAY on the video above, then hit the comments with your predictions for the back half of Fuller House Season 3. 

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