Year in Review

2017 in Review: The Scenes We Desperately Wish We Could Unsee

Oof. Ugh. Eww. Gag.

Those are just a few of the sounds the TVLine staff made while narrowing down the choices for the year’s grossest, most unsettling, forever disturbing moments from TV shows. And because antipathy loves company, we’re sharing those scenes with you!

All of the incidents captured in the gallery above took place in the past 12 months and made us do everything from cringe to cry out in horror — despite the fact that they aired during our favorite shows.

An American Horror Story pee balloon, impatient Salem and Supernatural demons, Outlander seasickness and not one but two Game of Thrones grossouts? They’re all in here. And because brain bleach isn’t actually a thing yet, why not revisit these sick puppies one last time before attempting to banish them — like so much of the past year — from our minds for good?

So browse our gallery of the 2017 TV moments we wish we could unsee — click here for direct access — then drop a comment with the moments you’ll never be able to forget (for worse or… even worse.)