Roseanne Revival Burning Qs Answered — What to Expect From Season 10

ABC’s Roseanne revival is on the way, and you’ve got questions — including but not limited to: Is Dan dead? Is Mark alive? Who the heck is playing Becky? Oh, and: When will it air?!

Since Season 10 was first announced back last May, it seems like nary a week has gone by without new information trickling out, and that has proven difficult to keep up with for even the most dedicated fans. Much of the news has been in regards to casting, as well as how much of the series’ original ending will be retconned to help along the Conner clan’s return.

To help alleviate much confusion, TVLine has assembled a handy guide detailing everything there is to know about the sitcom revival. So go ahead and get caught up to speed on all things Roseanne via the attached gallery (click here for direct access), then hit the comments and tell us what questions you still have ahead of highly anticipated premiere.