The Walking Dead Fall Finale Photos: Whose Head Is on the Chopping Block?

the-walking-dead-spoilers season 8 fall finale photos rick killed

In a sneak peek for Sunday’s fall finale of The Walking Dead (9/8c, AMC), Negan announces to Alexandria, “You lose. It’s over.” And since last week the Saviors escaped from the stronghold that had become their prison, it certainly seems like the villain isn’t counting his chickens before Rick’s goose is actually cooked.

But will Lucille really get to strike out not only Alexandria’s fearless leader but also, as promised, another member of the community? Perhaps there are clues in the photos released by the network in advance of “How It’s Gotta Be.” Among them are shots of everyone from a worried-looking Daryl to an understandably anxious Carl and Michonne to a still-despondent Ezekiel.

Click on the gallery at right to check out the pics (or click here for direct access), then vote below for the character you think will end up on the wrong end of Negan’s bat. (Excluded from the list is Rick, since c’mon, nobody thinks he’s getting killed!)