Morning Joe: Harold Ford Jr. Suspended by MSNBC Amid Sexual Assault Claim

Morning Joe is down yet another contributor: former U.S. congressman Harold Ford Jr. has been suspended by MSNBC as he fights back against claims of sexual assault.

Mika Brzezinski confirmed the news on Friday’s edition of the Joe Scarborough-fronted morning show, just one day after The Huffington Post reported that Ford was terminated by Morgan Stanley following a human resources investigation into allegations of misconduct. The accuser, a reporter who came forward anonymously and was not employed by Morgan Stanley, said she had met with Ford several years ago in a professional capacity. He is alleged to have forcibly grabbed her during the encounter, prompting a building security guard to intervene. Ford reportedly continued contacting the woman via email after the incident, until she asked that he cease contact altogether.

Following his termination by Morgan Stanley, Ford gave a statement to HuffPo denying the allegations, saying, “I have never forcibly grabbed any woman or man in my life.” What’s more, he is suing both the reporter who came forward as well as Morgan Stanley (for wrongful termination).

Ford’s suspension comes less than two months after NBC News fired fellow Morning Joe contributor Mark Halperin, who had been accused by five women of sexual harassment.