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2017 in Review: The 10 Best Comedies

Best Comedy Series 2017

Now that we’ve worked our way through the 10 best drama series of 2017, it’s time to shift our gratitude to the shows that made us laugh this year. Oh, how we laughed.

Without completely spoiling our ranking for you, let’s just say that the list includes shows about female wrestlers in the 1980s, a scorned bride with a song in her heart, and a comedy foursome that got its groove back after spending nearly two decades apart.

And here’s a crazy little fact for you: Only two of the comedies featured on this year’s list also made the cut in 2016, so it’s pretty much the wild west out here — you know, with less dead cowboys.

Laugh your way through our gallery of the year’s best comedies — you can click here for direct access — then drop a comment with your own top 10 lists.

Coming up soon, in the Year in Review: Worst Shows, Sexiest Scenes, Grossest Moments, Best Performances, Deaths That Just About Killed Us and so much more!